Welcome to the Chocoladeverkopers webshop

Welcome to our craft chocolate store

We are Paul & Emma. We sell chocolate.
That’s why we call ourselves de Chocoladeverkopers. Difficult to pronounce if you are not dutch – but it just means ‘chocolate sellers”.

In our Craft Chocolate store we have over 400 specialty chocolate bars. Made by craft chocolate makers who make bean to bar chocolate.

From cocoa that has been carefully grown and harvested and  depending on the origin can have a very complex tasting profile! Most of the chocolates we have are far more fair than fairtrade, with respect for nature, with or without organic certification.

We only sell chocolates we like. Great, honest & very very tasty. Oh, and we love cycling! Especially in the mountains.

We ship all over Europe. Shipping within NL €3,50. Read about shipping.
Payment options: iDeal, Paypal, credit cards & more.

eerlijke en bijzondere chocolade bestellen kopen thuisbezorgd webwinkel cadeau paul en emma sturen je chocolade met plezier en liefde

chocoladeverkopers chocoladerepen logo puur eerlijk lekker webwinkel in goede bean to bar chocolade

Klantenscore 9,6
Verzending altijd € 2,95 (NL).
iDeal, Paypal & meer.

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