Who are we?

Hi! We are Chocoladeverkopers Paul & Emma and we love chocolate. Not the kind of bars you know from the supermarket but special chocolatebars with a lot of taste. They were/are not widely available and that’s why we started selling them ourselves.We also like cycling thats why we like to get and deliver the chocolate by bike if we can.

A proper name for our company would also have been ‘the dutch cycling sellers of mostly dark, fair and ofcourse really great tasting chocolates’ but we like to keep things simple, hence: Chocoladeverkopers. It’s dutch for ‘chocolate sellers’.
Hallo, ik ben de Paul.dit is chocoladeverkoper emma

What kind of chocolate can i expect?

In dutch it’s simple: Puur, eerlijk en lekker.

Puur means ‘dark but also pure’.
Eerlijk = fair/honest
Lekker = tasty

Taste is our first concern. We love to sell bars we truly enjoy ourselves and only sell bars we like. But it’s also really important to usthat the cocoa farmers get a better price by direct trade (with or without fairtrade, organic or other certification)

We also think with every stap from bean to chocolate bar there should be attention to nature & humankind. And ofcourse for all the many flavors that are incapsulated in the cocoa bean.

We hope more and more people discover there is so much more in chococolate than the (sorry) bland sweets you find in your supermarket aisle.
We can tell you a lot more…but on the english version of our website we haven’t set it all up yet. If you need any advice though or have questions, please do contact us. We love to help with your tastings, give you recommendations, tell you more about the chocolatemakers, answer questions about where to find good quality chocolate in your neighbourhood / country, etc!

On our blog the chocolatemakers also tell more about the Cocoafarmers.

We personally mostly enjoy chocolades with 70 to 80 percent of cocoa but ofcourse we have a wider assortment including milk chocolate, white chocolate, 100% cocoa chocolate and bars with additions.

We like to transport the chocolate by bicycle. Now and then we cycle to importers/makers. We can’t always do that, it takes quite some time. And ofcourse the bars we import ourselves from far away we can’t get them by bicycle either. The local transport in our hometown is always by bicycle – and if you live near you can choose for bike delivery for €1,-.

Where can i buy the chocolate

The best place to see and order the full range of chocolates in our assortment is here, in our webshop.

If you want to see the bars in real life: part of our assortment is also available at the ‘Ieder Z’n Vak’ store in the Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen. Some bars are available through us at a couple other places in Nijmegen.


We are ofcourse registered at the dutch Kamer van Koophandel (chambre of commerce) with the beautiful number 61758477.

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