15 December 2020 Buying chocolate during lockdown

Buying chocolate during lockdown

It was a bit of a shock to hear it on TV yesterday: a lockdown until mid-January. Painful for many, heavy even after a tough year for many people. We understand the point of taking real major action now, and it is probably better than slowly but surely chugging along in the wrong direction. But […]

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26 January 2020 original beans giftset gift box milk and pure chocolate bars birthday gift gift

Chocolate as a gift? Our 3 Tips!

Chocolate is of course always a nice gift. Especially for chocolate lovers. And there are quite a few. As Chocolate sellers, we know that giving chocolate as a gift is popular just because of how busy we get in the run-up to the holidays. Because finding a good chocolate gift can be difficult, we give […]

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12 September 2017 ruby chocolade ruby cacao de zin en onzin van roze chocolade

Ruby Chocolate: does pink chocolate make sense?

The internet almost exploded when Barry Callebaut announced they created a ‘pink chocolate‘ or ‘Ruby chocolate‘. Even in our surroundings we got asked, from several people, ‘did you see this already….’ The answer is yes, we saw it. And yes, we were intrigued as well. But with a big frown on our foreheads. Why? You […]

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7 July 2017 Winners – International Chocolate Awards Americas

Winners – International Chocolate Awards Americas

Always a nice moment: the outcome of one of the chocolate competitions. Time for lists! There are two larger judged events featuring the best chocolates in the world: the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate. For the International Chocolate Awards, there is a whole system of preliminary, national, regional and finally world-wide rounds. For […]

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8 February 2017

Bean to bar chocolate: what is it really?

Most of our visitors will have heard of the term bean to bar. But what does it really mean? The term in itself isn’t that hard ‘from bean to bar’ – so if we look at those words, we can imagine it means…chocolate made, from cocoa beans, into chocolate bars…quite simple really. But that includes […]

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