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Dark origin chocolate (Dominican Republic) with … pine tops!

Standout makes original chocolates and the Nordic Nature series combines additives from Scandinavian nature. Slightly sour & very aromatic.

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Good news for pine top enthusiasts. Actually we have a chocolate pine tops (fir) in it.

Because for those who don’t know: yes, you can eat pine needles. At least from the Douglas fir. We didn’t know that before either. Thanks to a local restaurant in Nijmegen, however, we have tasted it before, the Douglas fir harvested in the Food Forest in Groesbeek has conquered a place on the menu in all kinds of capacities. Read more at the New Store. (and have dinner there, highly recommended for a very special night out)

Standout makes chocolate in Sweden, and was inspired by the environment for the Nordic Nature series. And of course … in Sweden, the spruce, along with other conifers, is an absolute must.

This is how this chocolate was created to which pine tops were added. The taste is rich, from slightly citric sour to more aromatic spicy flavors.

Standout is a bean to bar chocolate maker in Sweden, they work with various origins of cocoa from Guatemala to India and Peru. Excellent as far as we are concerned, we really enjoy the range of dark chocolates because in our opinion they bring out the essence of the cocoa well. Letting the cocoa speak, to put it another way.

Nordic Nature: pine tops
In this Nordic Nature series, Standout goes one step further and seeks the combination with ingredients from Scandinavian nature. This is how this chocolate with pine tops was created and there is also a version with black currant and finally one with blueberry. Nice to see how the inspiration from the environment can inspire, and in our opinion very striking choices. The flavors are powerful, not if you are looking for something that is very harmonious and lovely, but excellent if you want to discover the purity of the (tough) Scandinavian flavors, straight from nature.

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter, pine tops.

Allergy note: may contain traces of milk.

Organic certified.

Bean to bar made in Kållered, Sweden (just below Gothenburg)

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    Ik had hoge verwachtingen, omdat het zo’n aparte reep is. Voelde me een beetje teleurgesteld. Allereerst is het een erg klein reepje (50 gr, neemt niet eens de helft van de verpakking in). Vervolgens rook ik: het rook redelijk standaard. Misschien ietsje zuurder dan standaard chocola, maar zeker niet apart. Ik rook niet die typische dennengeur waar ik op had gehoopt.

    Hetzelfde qua smaak: het smaakt naar pure chocola, maar dan ietsje zuurder. Ik zou je nooit kunnen vertellen dat er dennennaalden inzitten als ik het niet zou weten. Het zure vind ik verder geen bijzonder karakter hebben ofzo.

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