Cacaosuyo Piura Milk Chocolate 50%


Fruity, caramel, rich tastes in this 50% milk chocolate

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Very tasty! And we don’t easily say that about a milk chocolate. This Piura Milk 50% from Cacaosuyo has a really nice and rich taste. Fruity, caramel, a very soft structure. Added a pinch of vanilla.

We were already very impressed with their Piura dark chocolate, we only tasted this milk chocolate much later.

Like everything from Cacaosuyo: made from cocoa from Peru, and made entirely in Peru.

In 2015 she also won some good and gold medals at the International Chocolate Awards, also crowned ‘Overall Winner’, or best chocolate in the world – not bad, not bad. As always, we say: don’t rely too much on prizes won, but taste for yourself. The cocoa harvest also varies every year and with that the chocolate … one year is really better than the next. But we tasted the new bars (2018) and certainly did not find them wrong. That is to say: Paul was positive, Emma still a bit skeptical (sweet, milk)

Now also 5 years later since they won in 2015, and chocolate logically changes every year, because every year the cocoa harvest is different. But even now that we could come to Cacaosuyo again (2020), and liked it.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, milk, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla.

Maker’s allergy note: may contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.

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