Cacaosuyo Piura Nibs


Cocoa suyo Piura pure with cocoa nibs 70% Peru.

Our current Cacaosuyo favorite. Thanks to taste notes of citrus & the cocoa nibs that give a nice balance.

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The ‘normal’ bars of Cacaosuyo were sold out for a while. Fortunately, we were able to get 70% through a nice pile of these Cacaosuyo Piura Nibs.

In other words, one of our favorite bars, the Cacaosuyo Piura, but with small chocolate ribs. And we do not think that is a bad addition in this case!

Moreover, the chocolate is as good as it is different. Lemon, a lot of lemon, in taste, but also very rich, long aftertaste, little bitter.

The taste
The Piura, but with Nibs. The taste is therefore the same:

Tasting notes from the makers: light notes of citrus and nuts.

But then supplemented with the beautiful dark taste of roasted cocoa nibs. Fine!

We say: a lot of flavor, lots of flavor. We certainly recognize the citrus fruit. We like to taste the chocolate, and so far he gets all the praise. Ranging from ‘wow’ to ‘great’ to ‘mmm, that taste … what’s added?’. Nothing so, it is really only cocoa with sugar. Good cocoa, sugar and a whole dose of craftsmanship.

Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa pieces

May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.

The makers
Cacao sugar from Peru.

Additional information

Cacao percentage



70 gram

Chocolate made in


Cacao Origin



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