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Six dark origin chocolates from Casa Cacao – the bean to bar chocolate factory in Girona, set up by Jordi Roca – El Celler de Can Roca.

Taste the diversity of the cocoa. Made with cocoa from Peru (2x), and then from Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. (480 grams)

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A beautiful set in which you get acquainted with original chocolate in one go.

This collection of 6 chocolates (480 grams) is made by Casa Cacao. And that is again the bean to bar chocolate factory belonging to El Celler de Can Roca – world famous (3 star) restaurant. Jordi Roca was already responsible for the desserts there, and thus (of course) developed a love for chocolate. Of course, that love also leads to the source, the cocoa, and the incredible flavor diversity that can be found in the cocoa. He traveled to the cocoa plantations, especially in South America, to taste the cocoa, to experience the cocoa plantations. The people who take care of that beautiful tree, and harvest the fruit and ferment and dry it. That is how a book was born (also called Casa Cacao) but eventually also the plan to buy the cocoa and make chocolate (bean to bar, as it is called) – the way as all those beautiful craft chocolate makers on our site say to follow. Then of course start experimenting with roasting, grinding, which cocoa gets which profile. What works, what doesn’t. Because this is a restaurant from the world top, and people with a considerable ‘drive’ tackle it right away. The chocolate factory is accessible. A kind of chocolate cafe, where you can taste everything, but also see how the chocolate is made. And then again, on the higher floors, it is a hotel. We haven’t been there yet, but it sounds like a kind of chocolate heaven to us. Getting out of bed, a fresh chocolate croissant with a good coffee. And then linger quietly in the chocolate café with a snack, watch behind glass how the cocoa turns into chocolate.

A set with 6 origins, in a beautiful gift box
We also have some loose chocolates available, but this set is extra fun. You will receive a beautiful packaging (modeled after of course Casa Cacao, the building where the chocolate is made) with six chocolates (480 grams) of course made from different origins. This way you can taste the differences very nicely. Still nice to do now and then when you order from us – order different cocoa origins from the same make – especially for a tasting, at home or with others. Here you immediately get six chocolates together, so you don’t have to figure out anything yourself.

In this set:

Arhuaco Community of Catanzama, Sierra Nevada, Colombia, 72%
DO. Los Bejucos, Dominican Republic, 80%
Awajun communities of Utt, Temashnum, Sukutin and Nuevo Salem, Amazonas Region, Peru, 74%
Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador, 68%
Hacienda Cacao Caribe, Las Trincheras, Venezuela, 70%
Coop. Norandino, Piura, Peru, 66%
So all pure chocolates, made with cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar – and nothing more. The cocoa percentage varies slightly – from 66-80% but above all you will be able to taste the difference in origin nicely.

As chocolate sellers we of course already have a nice (we think ourselves, but fortunately our customers too) range of chocolates, we can say quite extensive. You can also make very nice selections from that. Which we select for you in a surprise package. Or you just find out yourself. Then it can actually be just as tasty – we only sell chocolates that we support. But then of course it is not chocolate made by chocolate makers who belong to a restaurant that has been awarded three Michelin stars. Is it better then? Of course not necessarily, but we think it is very nice when people like Jordi Roca are so involved with chocolate & cocoa. For those who want to know a little more about him, a nice introduction can be seen on Netflix in an episode of ‘Chef’s Table’. It is a nice set anyway, and we can also say that you will be able to enjoy it a lot. Would you prefer us to find out something specifically for you? No problem, always send an email. At ten euros per chocolate, this also costs quite a bit, but if you know what you will pay approximately for a dinner in El Celler then it is not too bad. And with this set you also have a very nice gift, chocolates with a story, chocolates that (hopefully) make you curious, and can be a nice first immersion in the fascinating world of cocoa. Before you know it you think – like we do with the above chocolates … oh well a Piura chocolate … I wonder to what extent the taste of lemon comes out … Hey, a Trincheras, it would have a lot of nutty taste notes ? Gosh, cocoa from the Arhuacos – what a special people they are. And so it is often not just about tasting, learning to recognize flavors that can occur naturally in cocoa, but because it is not about anonymous bulk cocoa but about cocoa of which the origin is specifically known, you also almost automatically get closer to the people who growing the cocoa. You get respect for them, and you also become curious. Before you know it you will be looking around in Google Maps for half an hour, and you are already dreaming of a nice trip, a bike ride along the cocoa plantations. Anyway, it can go like this. Or you just taste six special chocolates, together or on your own. Just sit down and taste it with attention. That goes without saying.

Six chocolate bars (pure) in outer packaging. Contains cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar. (percentages 66-80%)

Allergy note: may contain traces of gluten, milk and soy.


Casa Cacao

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  1. Anneke

    Ik heb hem kado gekregen voor Valentijn <3 Wauw, wat een fantastisch kado voor een chocoladeliefhebber! Allemaal repen met echt een eigen en bijzonder karakter, waarin ik toch ook een stijlovereenkomst zie over alle zes. Een hele mooie doos. Ik denk dat er stukjes schil van de cacaobonen in de decoratieve papieren wikkels om de repen zitten? Ingetogen stijlvol, en toch ruw en aards, en gelukkig totaal niet de gelikte standaard 'weggeefchocolade' marketing met tegenvallende inhoud. De repen zijn goed in fijne stukjes te breken, vrij klein en niet te dun. Perfect.

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