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What could be more fun than being surprised with chocolate?

It is still a wonderful gift, especially when it comes to really special bean to bar chocolate. Chocolate bars as we sell them with pleasure and pride.

We make a nice selection of surprising chocolates from our webshop – whereby we occasionally add some exclusive items that are not yet available in the webshop.

How surprising do you want it to be?
For the surprise package we leave a very small amount of choice with you. Because you can choose the size of the package, and with that the number of bars.

You can also select whether you want a real surprise or rather just pure or milk chocolate.

So you choose how surprising you want it. Of course, the size of the packages always means that they always contain at least the retail value that you select for chocolate.

A great choice, if you find difficult
We ourselves find surprises very nice, to get but also to give. With the purchase of this package you also do us a favor. We can find beautiful chocolate together, and make something different every time. Do we spend too much time, but do we love to do, and that is also important is not true?

And this package is also useful if you are overwhelmed by the choice, or do not know so much about our offer.

Earlier customers also wrote, with our webshop mark:

“If you are disappointed with the wide range, I can wholeheartedly recommend the surprise package, which is a fantastic first experience.”

“I was very satisfied with my previous chocolate package (surprise package), so I have high expectations for my new package (best of 2017).

“In addition, they have a surprise box that I would recommend to everyone.You can indicate in the comment on your order form what your general preferences are and they take great care of it.”

Good to know
A chocolate surprise package as a gift? A very good idea! You can specify a different address for sending. We ship in an ordinary cardboard box, and can not pack the bars. The bars are, however, already beautiful, so very festive. If desired, we can also provide a nice postcard (for free) – you can provide a text in the comments field yourself.

Are there things we need to know? Is there allergy? Are you vegan? Are there certain preferences? Just let us know in the comments field. If it is really important information (especially for allergies) we appreciate it if you also briefly email us.

Real surprise, milk or pure? If you choose the ‘real surprise’ then we choose everything. With the ‘pure surprise’ you will receive specifically dark chocolates, possibly with flavored additives. At ‘milk surprise’ we will not add dark chocolate, possibly white and with flavoring additives.

Prefer something less surprising? We are happy to help you choose. If necessary, you can simply find a nice package of separate bars – we have more than enough choice with over 300 chocolate bars.

But to make it easier to choose, we have also put together a number of other chocolate packages for you. The Award Winners category can also make choosing easier.

Ask? Just email us. We like to think along. Give advice. And we also like to put together a package to your specifications. All chocolate questions are welcome!

Ready to order? Hoera! We say in advance: thanks for the order & enjoy!

Checkout is easy via iDeal and Paypal. Shipping is always € 2.95 in the Netherlands.

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