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Five dark bean to bar chocolates of special origin cocoa & a free mini.

With a nice discount – a perfect introduction to special chocolate!

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Five dark  bean to bar chocolates that make a wonderful introduction to chocolate that is really different – and then an extra mini bar. For a nice introduction with a nice discount. Chocolate from smaller makers, of special origin cocoa and with a price for the cocoa farmers far above fair trade. In this package we have made a nice selection of chocolates that show how it can be done differently. Chocolates to taste. Chocolates made with attention to people and nature.sailing ship Tres HombresAnd we don’t just say that this type of chocolate is different:

  • Made in the countries where cocoa grows. Direct trade, much added value. This is the case with, for example, Marou from Vietnam, Madécasse from Madagascar and Pacari from Ecuador.
  • Chocolate whose cocoa is transported across the ocean by sailing ship. That’s how it goes at Chocolate makers from Amsterdam but also with Nicaragua chocolate from Zotter from Austria.
  • Smaller makers & amp; shorter lines. There is a world of difference between large companies that buy bulk cocoa on the world market and the small craft chocolate makers who buy special origins of cocoa much more directly. You can taste it immediately.

The higher price for quality cocoa, the direct way of working, the craftsmanship of the small makers – there are many reasons why bean to bar is worth its higher price, but we think the most important is: the taste . Because chocolate is so much more than candy. A delicious tasting adventure.

Package Contains:

  • We put together a varying selection of pure origin chocolate for this package.
  • From cocoa from, among others, Vietnam, Madagascar and Ecuador
  • Each package is unique and carefully composed.
  • Each package contains five dark origin chocolates with a value of at least 25.50 euros plus another free mini.

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This chocolate package as a gift

  • Of course this package is perfect as a gift.
  • You can have the package sent to another address directly. We also ship abroad!
  • If you wish, we will send a free card with your text – just indicate it in the comments field.

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1 review for Origine Chocolate Package Dark

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    Een hele bijzondere ervaring. Echt veel verschil tussen de repen. Mijn vrouw en ik hebben er van genoten!

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