Great Taste Awards 2022: Chocolate crowned with Stars by Standout

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Four Standout dark chocolates – awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2022.

Some of the highest awards (2 and 3 stars) this year went to Standout Chocolate. With this package you can taste why the jury appreciates the chocolate maker from Sweden so much. Perfect for a chocolate tasting – yourself or with friends!

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The Great Taste Awards are a wonderful annual celebration in the United Kingdom where all kinds of delicacies of all shapes and sizes are celebrated. From beer to cakes and nougat to olive oil. Of course, good chocolate should not be missing and the jury also considers chocolate bars & filled chocolates every year.

The best chocolates get one, two or three stars, it should be said that quite a few stars are awarded but two stars are already rare, and a three-star award is really rare. They describe the award themselves as: 1 star: simply delicious. 2 stars: outstanding. 3 stars: exquisite, don’t leave the shop without buying it.

At the 2022 Great Taste Awards, there was one chocolate maker that stood out above all else: Standout Chocolate – the Swedish maker that we are proud and pleased to have in our range.

great taste awards 2022

Standout was awarded: 4 times a star, 7 times two stars and then also a 3 star award.

To celebrate all this beauty and to taste what makes Standout so special, we have put together a nice package.

What you get in this pack: Four award-winning dark chocolates
You get four award-winning chocolates from Standout (in a rotating selection) in this pack.

They are all dark chocolates, always milk-free and vegan.

The chocolates are dark, with 70% cocoa from various origins. And that’s exactly what makes it extra fun: the style of the chocolate maker remains the same, the cocoa percentage too, but the origin makes a huge difference to the taste. Sit down and you can taste the difference really well, you really don’t have to be an expert for that.

Also nice as a base for your chocolate tasting
Four chocolates with the same percentage also means that this package forms a good basis for a chocolate tasting in our opinion. Four pure star chocolates from Standout, invite some friends over, have a drink with it, a sip of water for in between and possibly you can make it as crazy or fun as you want. A taste

looking up a wheel / tasting wheel can help you recognize flavors, you may even want to keep a notepad handy to write down what you notice about smell, texture, flavors you recognize, maybe associations that come to mind, memories of your childhood or of a long journey. Also nice to compare with others – you will see that there are similarities but almost always differences – that also gives tasting together an extra dimension.

Our tips for a great tasting:

These four bars form a nice base, if you are a fan of milk chocolate or vegan milk chocolate, it is nice to order the Standout Milk chocolate or Standout coconut separately.
Do you want to expand your Standout tasting and taste 6 bars, for example? You can order two Standout bars separately – then we will ensure that there are no double bars in the package.
You can of course also order all kinds of other goodies for a tasting. A chocolate with coffee or tea or with whiskey or another drink as an extra ingredient, a chocolate from a specific maker, a chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage, or rather a milk chocolate. Do you need advice? Feel free to send an email.
Doing some extra research yourself is also nice – as far as we’re concerned you shouldn’t follow too many rules for a tasting or stick to a strict pattern. Just have a good start. Find something else that you don’t know and that appeals to you. Keep discovering new chocolates (and flavors) and the surprise that comes with it, making a tasting a pleasant journey of discovery.

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