Vegan Friendly Chocolate Package


Vegan Friendly – special chocolate but without milk or other animal additives.

We are happy to have an increasing range of vegan ‘milk chocolates’ and even vegan white chocolates. Besides the hundreds of dark (vegan) chocolates.

You can choose something delicious yourself, but we will take care of the selection for this package. Eliminate choice stress.

Of course also very suitable as a gift – we can include a card for free.

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We are happy to sell a whole range of vegan chocolates. We are very pleased that we can offer an extensive milk-free choice for vegans. As a webshop for good chocolate, we have also received the ‘vegan friendly’ label from the Dutch Association for Vegans.

To make it even easier to place an entirely plant-based chocolate order, we now have this Vegan Friendly chocolate package. Away with the stress of choice, we make a nice selection for you – completely vegan of course – you enter your address, and a few days later a vegan package will be in your mailbox.

What’s in the Vegan chocolate package?
In this package we make a new, varying selection of special vegan chocolates every time. So what exactly is in it varies, but of course we guarantee that it is both vegan and special chocolate. Like all the chocolates we sell – from smaller bean to bar chocolate makers who purchase special origin cocoa themselves and make it into chocolate. Very different from actually all chocolates in the supermarket and at the chocolatiers – there the chocolate almost always comes from one of the handful of large chocolate factories.

The package will also often contain a single dark chocolate, but the core are the vegan chocolates that are not dark, so vegan ‘milk chocolates’ or even vegan filled chocolates.

If you normally eat milk chocolate, we hope that with this package you will notice that milk is just an addition, and certainly not a necessary one. Order a milk chocolate every now and then – just as good friends, even though we like dark chocolate ourselves. But hopefully this package at least shows how delicious chocolate can be that are guaranteed to be free of animal suffering. And even if that’s not important to you, you can opt for chocolates with nuts just for the taste. The Italian tradition of Gianduja (chocolate with ground hazelnuts) is there for a reason – cocoa can go very well and delicious with all kinds of nuts – while milk powder is, in our opinion, very successful when it comes to taste – in a lot of milk chocolate from the supermarket contains very little cocoa, and especially a lot of milk and sugar. The taste usually does not come from the natural cocoa flavors (which can be very diverse) but from roasting at certain temperatures, in combination with the sweetness of the (in our opinion) overdose of sugar.

Do you prefer only dark chocolate? Then order one of the many dark chocolate packages – also suitable for vegans.

Where you have to look closely in the supermarkets to see if even your ‘dark’ chocolate is vegan (because they still occasionally put milk in it…and call it pure…strangely enough) you can just buy everything from us at dark chocolates. It is actually always cocoa (up to 100%) and then in most cases with sugar and cocoa butter. So no milk, then we don’t call it pure. Of course not, we would say.

We also sell a lot of vegan ‘milk chocolates’ and even some vegan white chocolates – without milk, but with a nice structure and often a slightly sweeter sensation, as can also be found in milk chocolate. All from small bean to bar chocolate makers who work with high quality fair trade cocoa. Instead of milk, they often use certain nuts (almond, hazelnuts) but sometimes coconut, soy or a nice sophisticated mix.

How do I order this vegan chocolate?
Buying this package full of vegan chocolate is easy. Add it to your shopping cart, pay and we’ll do the rest.

Then we get to work to select and pack a package full of special vegan chocolates and send them to you.

Giving vegan chocolate as a gift? – No problem either! Ask for a card in the comments field and we will send a card with your text for free. You can also specify a different shipping address at checkout – just as easy. Good to know: we do not pack – we deliberately send in standard unbleached letterbox boxes without printing and frills. No fuss and no plastic. The chocolates themselves are a party in themselves, and the makers also outdo each other in the many beautiful packaging – so even without wrapping paper this is still a joy to receive. And especially put the question for a card in the comments field, with a nice wish for the recipient – then we will put it on a card and the recipient will undoubtedly be very happy with this vegan surprise.

How many chocolates are in the package?
It contains (at least) the purchase amount of chocolate. Because we make a selection again and again, there is no fixed number. As you hopefully understand, bean to bar chocolates from smaller makers that work with (really) fair trade cocoa are priced differently than everything in the supermarket. Logical as far as we’re concerned. Not made in big factories, not bulk cocoa bought at a pittance on the world market – that has a different price tag. You get chocolate for that

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