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The best chocolates in your mailbox every month. Made from fair trade fine flavor cocoa and made into chocolate by the best bean to bar chocolate makers in the world.

Order & enjoy in 2 steps. We take care of the rest.

At checkout you pay €3,50 in shipping costs. The package is of course also vegan.

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The chocolate subscription for the enthusiast. The best chocolates in your mailbox every month.

How does the chocolate subscription work?

You make two choices

  1. Whether you only want dark chocolate, or milk & dark.
  2. The number of months you want.  

Then you pay. At once for the entire period. Very easy.  You can of course still stop at any time and you will get the money back for the remaining period. 

You pay 1x shipping costs of €3,50 at checkout. Shipping costs for further months are included.

You can of course order some loose chocolates right away. We will then send it to you with your first month!

Then we get to work. We ensure that we send you a package full of delicious chocolate every month. Your first package usually arrives at the beginning of the month. Not always on a fixed day, we also take the weather into account and of course ensure that you do not get melted chocolate.

The subscription fits through the letterbox, so you don’t have to be home for it.

How many chocolates do i get?

Your monthly package will include on average 3 chocolate bars. Sometimes one more, or if we include something extra very super special one less. Ofcourse not just any chocolate – always carefully curated craft chocolate bars.

Give a chocolate subscription as a gift

Always a good idea! We send chocolates that are all special . Chocolates you won’t find in the supermarket. The chocolates we sell score many points: delicious, honest & original. In short: a great gift.

You can enter the lucky person’s address as the shipping address at checkout.

Would you like us to send a card? Simply indicate this at checkout, including your text, and we will ensure that we write and send a card with your text.

How many bars are in the package?pure perfection chocolate package abn amro

The package normally contains three chocolates. Please note: not just any chocolate – three wonderful craft chocolate bars.

It will almost never happen that you receive less, in which case we will have to send a very special (and expensive) chocolate.

However, we will occasionally send an extra bar. If we know a nice combination, if we have found a little extra, if the chosen chocolates fall into a lower price range or simply because we like it.

What kind of chocolates are in the package?

For an indication of the type of chocolate, take a look around our range . As you will see… many of the best bean to bar chocolates from all over the world. With your subscription you will of course also receive special chocolates that we do not (yet) have in the webshop.

You have the choice between:

  • Dark – if you (like us) prefer dark chocolate. There will be no milk chocolate in your package. It’s purely what matters.
  • Milk & dark – For lovers of milk chocolate who also like dark chocolate. We will make sure that we generally do not make it too pure (no more than 75% cocoa).


  • Vegan – As a vegan you naturally also want to enjoy chocolate. Indicate it in the comments field and we will take it into account! Choose pure for only pure (vegan) bars and milk & pure for vegan pure bars supplemented with, for example, ‘milk’ from coconut, hazelnut or cashew. We can of course also take other important dietary preferences or allergies into account in consultation.

How do I pay?

You choose the number of months and pay in one go Allowing you to pay monthly is a good trick for companies, it makes it seem less. We don’t participate in that.

pay for chocolate with ideal

You can pay with iDeal and Paypal, among others  . We also accept gift cards.

Also see our payment information page .

You can of course stop in between. You will then simply receive the amount for the remaining installments refunded. We’re not making a fuss about it.

How does shipping work?letterbox for delivering the chocolate we send

We ship in a standard letterbox box. Without frills. We care about the chocolate. We do not ship on a fixed day & take temperatures into account. Want to pause your subscription for a holiday? Can simply be done by email.

Important to know: currently only available within the Netherlands. Important to know: our subscription for now is only available in NL.

Allergies? Hypersensitivity to certain foods? 

Please put it in the comments field with your order. We will then take this into account when choosing the bars. We do ask you to check the packaging yourself upon receipt if you have serious allergies. It is always good to pay extra attention.

Why order now?

  • The best & fairest chocolates in the world. Bean to bar
  • journey of discovery in taste thanks to single origin cocoa
  • No stress of choice . A surprising selection every month
  • You are not committed to anything. Canceling at any time remains possible
  • Perfect gift for any chocolate lover

What others think:

“Delicious and very special chocolate, the perfect gift – and delivered quickly and neatly packaged.”

“Very nice site, excellent service and Paul and Emma think along with you! I have ordered chocolate here several times as a gift and it has always been received very enthusiastically, highly recommended!”

“I recommend Chocolate Sellers to everyone who appreciates high-quality and delicious chocolate!”

“The tastiest chocolate I ever tasted was from an order from chocolate sellers, very special, I will order often”

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Dark or Milk & Dark

Dark, Milk & Dark

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3 months, 6 months, 12 months

3 reviews for The Special Chocolate Subscription

  1. English

    Chocoladeverkoper Paul

    Genoeg te kiezen. We zijn blij dat we in ons 5 jarig bestaan al zoveel prachtige chocolades hebben kunnen versturen. Pakketten vol, losse repen. Veel lovende reacties, veel plezier. En daar komt nu dan het abonnement bij. Zodat je ons het plezier gunt elke maand een pakket voor je samen te stellen. Je blij maken met een prachtige selectie aan bijzondere chocolades, daar worden wij dan weer blij van.

  2. English


    Al eerder een abonnement gehad en bestel nu opnieuw, echt leuke nieuwe soorten leren kennen! Ook leuk om wat bewuster te worden van de oorsprong/het verhaal achter de chocolade door de teksten die jullie erbij schrijven over de chocolade. Zeer zeker een aanrader.

  3. English

    Lucien Thorig

    Ik neem voor de derde keer een abonnement
    Omdat de chocolade altijd lekker is en van bijzondere komaf
    Hoewel ik de laatste paar keer iets vaker het zelfde merk en type chocolade kreeg wel lekker natuurlijk maar met zoveel in het assortiment hoeft dat misschien niet maar het mag de pret en smaak niet drukken

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