Friis Holm – Madagaskar 64% Fast Dried


64% Slow Dried. A deliciously creamy and slightly fruity Madagascar chocolate from Friis Holm

Compared to the ‘Fast Dried’ variant with more subtle acidity. Wonderful comparison material.

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We no longer have to explain to most of our customers that Friis Holm is a chocolate maker in Denmark that has received many awards. His fame, and all the awards at the World Final of the International Chocolate Awards, ahead of him.

We really like the fact that, in addition to the high quality, Friis Holm also explicitly does education-by-tasting in its chocolates. We don’t all know that much about chocolate on average, and where the flavors come from. And better than reading about how it works is to experience it. Especially if you can learn that from a master like Friis Holm, it is a great pleasure.

Few people know that the origin of the cocoa matters if you ask them on the street. But our customers are mostly happy. (and different: with this one!) But that there is much more behind this than ‘cocoa from Peru tastes different than cocoa from Madagascar’, we find very logical now, but it is not for everyone. The ‘terroir’ of the cocoa is certainly also in the cocoa, the soil and the weather, but just as important is what happens after the cocoa leaves the tree: the fermentation & drying.

And that’s exactly what Friis Holm shows beautifully, previously in the ‘Double Turned’ and ‘Triple Turned’. Chocolate from the same cocoa where one cocoa has been rotated for 3 days during fermentation, and the other twice. And the other duo ‘Rugoso’ and ‘Rugoso Bad Fermentation’, in which according to the general rules the ‘poorly’ fermented cocoa is still very tasty.

Now we are a step further … the drying of the cocoa & its influence.

Slow Dried vs Fast Dried Cacao
Two chocolates made from organic cocoa from Madagascar (64% cocoa) with the difference in how quickly the cocoa is dried. One quickly, and this chocolate has dried over a longer period of time.

You cannot alternate with how much the cocoa is dried, the moisture content is 8% after drying and cannot be more because there is a risk of mold and other trouble. Much less is not possible, it does not do the taste and the processing well.

But you can vary how quickly you dry, and you will notice the difference in these chocolates.

Madagascar cocoa is traditionally known for its fruity acidity, where drying certainly makes a difference.

In this Fast Dried you taste the acidity a bit sharper, Friis Holm calls it ‘frieceful lemon sours’ and in the Slow Dried’ it is softer, described as’ lots of rasberry notes and a pleasant acidity ‘.

Now Friis Holm is already a fan of subtle chocolates, so we think the whole has a nice ’round’ taste in both, and we also absolutely like a bit more sour, but in our opinion it is very nice to taste the difference between the two . So please order both. Or if you want one, this Fast Dried is nice if you appreciate a slightly sharper acidity (towards lemon).

Ingredients: cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Biological.

Allergy note: may contain traces of milk.

Extra tip from Friis Holm: this slow dried would be really nice to make chocolate mousse, we haven’t tried it ourselves yet.

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Johe chocolate. Special soft melting bar from the exclusive Danish chocolate maker Friis Holm.

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Friis Holm


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