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Cocoa syrup from Fu Wan – made directly from the cocoa fruit.

Fu wan makes the chocolates in Taiwan and cocoa from Taiwan. After the seeds are removed to make chocolate, Fu Wan uses the fruit. Reduce with sugar, and you get a delicious fruity sweet syrup. As they themselves indicate: delicious as a basis for drinks or in tea or coffee.

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Nice to have in the range! Fu Wan cocoa syrup.

For those who don’t know them yet: Fu Wan is an award-winning chocolate maker based in Taiwan. Extra special is that they work entirely with cocoa also grown in the area. Besides the fact that this produces very special chocolate that has already won many prizes at the International Chocolate Awards, among others, it also ensures that they work directly with the cocoa farmers, and in this case do something special with the cocoa fruits after harvesting the seeds to make chocolate from to make.

The cocoa fruit (after removing the seeds that will form the chocolate) is boiled with sugar, creating a delicious fruity syrup. As most visitors will know, the cocoa fruit itself is very diverse but with very fruity flavors, of course also depending on the environment and the species, and tasting (the pulp of) fresh cocoa fruit is something very special.

For chocolate, the seeds in the fruit are of course especially interesting, which later become your chocolate bar. The whole cocoa fruit is also important for this, to help determine the taste. But the rest of the cocoa fruit can of course be used. To enjoy right away (but then you have to live in a cocoa country), but you can also make juices (Pacha de Cacao is an example of this in the Netherlands) or as in this case …. cocoa syrup.

How can you use the cocoa syrup?

It is very sweet when boiled down so to taste it is very sweet. But you can easily dilute it with (sparkling) water, or use it for cocktails. Fu Wan himself has a nice recipe for ‘Cocoa Cola’ – see the video below. They also indicate that it is delicious in tea or coffee, we have not yet tried that ourselves.


Ingredients: cocoa fruit, sugar.

Allergy Note: May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Content 250 ml.

Does not fit in a letterbox package, so if you order this syrup we will send a package. That costs us quite a bit more, so we would think it was extra great if these bottles were not ordered separately too often – you can of course also order a number of Fu Wan chocolates or all the other goodies that we have on display in the webshop.


Fu Wan

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    Alexandra Constance

    Hou je van de tragiek uit een goede romance? -dat slepende gevoel, van liefde die niet bloeit, ontkiemt het zaadje? Ontvouwt het groen zich, of… blijft het slechts één moment, één ontmoeting, één gesprek, op een leven lang- Deze melancholie proef je bij het drinken van een scheutje Fu Wan Cacao Siroop, in je koffie. Goed doorroeren, wat laten afkoelen en de volle smaak, ontstaat na het drinken van wat slokjes. Geen mondgevoel, maar een nasmaak. In je keel, eigenlijk. 3 sterretjes, omdat dit zó anders chocolade proeven is, dan een reepje weg-sabbelen of de diepte in van een Dame Blanche, zodat je er wel een bad van wilt. Nee, dit is bijna de smaak van pure verliefdheid, het doet eigenlijk pijn, snap je? Snap je het niet? Nou, dan snap je waarom 3 sterretjes en niet 5

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