Fu Wan – Dark 70% Smoked Cinnamon Chocolate Yu-Guei


Astonishing – we can’t say otherwise after tasting it. Definitely a must for cinnamon lovers.

The cocoa is smoked with cinnamon leaves and then cinnamon powder is added to grind together with the cocoa to make a 70% dark chocolate. Finally, with a little bit of ginger powder. Delicious full cinnamon flavor and made with cocoa, cinnamon and ginger all sourced from Taiwan, and made into chocolate there by Fu Wan.

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A chocolate that makes us happy. For those who don’t know: Fu Wan makes chocolate in Taiwan, entirely from cocoa from the region (Ping Tung) in Taiwan. And they do so with gusto. They have already been awarded many awards (including at the International Chocolate Awards) but much more important than the opinion of the jury is the feeling we have about it, because a sense of passion that is enormously visible in what Fu Wan does.

A passion for chocolate, for cocoa, for taste, fine local ingredients and for innovation.

From the chocolates where the cocoa is fermented in special ways to the ‘regular’ chocolates with different percentages or additions – they are not very subtle rounded flavors and creamy creations as we know from Friis Holm, for example, some will find Fu Wan chocolates too intense (or sometimes not in balance) but we have slowly become more and more fans – the Fu Wan chocolates are often (to what we are used to!) intense, but actually always interesting, very tasty, and once you have tasted – delicious.

This cinnamon chocolate is an instant favorite for us. A ‘limited edition’ so we were happy to get some bars. And then we could taste it and it made us very happy. The cocoa is first smoked over cinnamon leaves – cocoa is very suitable for this because it easily absorbs flavors from the environment – so smoking certainly also works well (there are more chocolate makers who are experimenting with this lately, from Solkikik we sell a smoked chocolate for example on apple wood) – the cocoa is then ground with cinnamon powder and some shell ginger powder (a special type of ginger – Alpinia zerumbet) added.

The result is very good in our eyes and taste buds, the cinnamon can be tasted enormously and in our opinion very tasty & together with the chocolate a nice balance. The cinnamon predominates and the chocolate has more of a supporting role here, but because the cinnamon is so tasty, that is absolutely fine.

What the makers say about this chocolate:

“YU-GUEI (Taiwan Cinnamon) – Memories of Autumn Romance in the Ancient Forest

The perfect combination of Taiwanese cinnamon and Taiwan #1 Ping Tung Chocolate

A delicate touch of shell ginger. The loving strokes of unique chocolate craftsmanship

Beautiful and wild at the same time. Heal your heart, that is. The soothing Forest Cola that comes from the forest

Introducing the second bar of 2021 FU WAN SEASON CHOCOLATE PROJECT, Forest Cola, a 70% dark chocolate smoked and ground with native Taiwan cinnamon and some shell ginger. Formosa chef d’oeuvre!

The scent of cinnamon for Taiwanese food culture is like the lipstick for feminine makeup. A little touch-up just brightens everything up. A pinch of cinnamon implies warmth and exotic atmosphere. From traditional glutinous rice for a banquet to daily soothing beef stock; from refreshing cappuccino to sweet and sour apple pie, when it comes to comfort food, cinnamon always has a special place in our hearts.

Taiwan #1 70% Ping Tung Dark Chocolate has been selected to combine with Taiwanese native cinnamon. Multiple skills of Fu Wan FIDARGS Craftsmanship are inherited in the process namely G-Grinding and S-Scenting. From the Scenting concept, we extend a “Smoking” skill where we smoke the cocoa beans with cinnamon leaves and then add the cinnamon powder to the smoked cocoa beans to grind together. Grown locally in Ping Tung, these cinnamon trees have been planted eco-friendly and are all 8 years or older. Therefore, they contain a high percentage of cinnamaldehyde and eugenol, and little coumarin. Compared to the imported cinnamon, they are softer in herbal therapy. They have also been shown to be effective in both ancient Eastern and modern medical sciences. Together we grind some local shell ginger through the chocolate, it emerges as a mysterious yet soothing cola from the forest.”

Ingredients: Ping Tung cocoa, sugar, cocoa, powder of dried cinnamon leaves, powder of dried shell ginger.

Content 35 grams. Maker’s Allergy Note: May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

With 35 grams it is certainly not a big bar (as all Fu Wan bars are small in size) – it is therefore not a chocolate to work in, but to really sit down for a while, for special moments.

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35 gram

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70 %

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Fu Wan


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