Fu Wan – Dark 70% – Special Ferment: Strawberry brewer’s yeast


Chocolate of 70% cocoa from Taiwan. During the fermentation, strawberry beer yeast is added to the cocoa. In this way the cocoa develops a completely different taste pattern than with the ‘normal’ fermentation with only wild yeasts.

Flavor profile: chamomile, orange peel, berries and caramel.

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To understand this chocolate, it is useful to know that cocoa, like many products (cheese, beer, wine, etc) owes its taste to fermentation. The cocoa fruit is harvested, then chopped open and the cocoa seeds are collected in the surrounding pulp in large piles or large wooden containers. The cocoa is covered and turned occasionally for a few days, but otherwise left alone. The temperature is rising while all kinds of wild yeasts from the area feast on this delicacy. This converts substances in many different ways, the main effect of which is that it makes a huge difference to the taste of the cocoa.

If you want good cocoa with a refined (and about the same every time) taste, you do that fermentation in a controlled manner. You keep an eye on the temperature, you ensure that extra air is added on the same days, etcetera – and then you certainly have a significant influence on how the cocoa will develop.

What is not often done is that existing specific yeast types are added. Where, for example, in the beer world (and absolutely also with bread) wild fermentation is the exception, it is common with cocoa – and it is therefore special to add yeasts – it happens more often, but Fu Wan is the first maker of which we know that they are releasing a range of chocolates with it.

Why is that fun? Especially because it is nice to taste something that is different from the norm, which is generally available. Taste wild fermented beer the first time if you’re used to Leffe (and then discover the enormous diversity), the first time a natural wine (which was delicious, but then discover that there are also quite a few undrinkable varieties), and so on.

Fu Wan is progressive in all aspects of working with chocolate. All made with cocoa from Taiwan & in Taiwan. They already made – doubly fermented – chocolate, chocolates with specific roasting – nice to compare too – chocolates with special teas and smoked chocolate – and now a series of special fermentations all with the same cocoa but a different added yeast.

This specific variant is fermented with strawberry beer yeast and the result is wonderfully soft in taste and there is really a lot to taste in it – very different from the ‘normal’ 70% chocolate

Good to know: the structure of the Fu Wan chocolates is not as creamy & soft as we are used to from many chocolates here in Europe – certainly slightly grainy. But if you just let the chocolate melt in your mouth, it doesn’t matter – it just makes the taste more powerful, we think.

Description of the maker: “This chocolate is made by the cocoa bean which has been fermented with strawberry brewer’s yeast in a temperature and moisture controlled fermentation chamber. After the fermentation, the bean was aged for several weeks in the low temperature bean cellar to develop the subtle aroma and soft mouthfeel .”

Taste note from the makers: The chocolate has a very pleasant mouthfeel and soft taste notes such as chamomile, orange peel, berries and caramel.

Ingredients: Ping Tung cocoa (70%), sugar, cocoa butter, strawberry brewer’s yeast

Maker’s Allergy Note: May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and shellfish.

Content 35 grams.

Awards: Won an overwhelming amount of awards at the International Chocolate Awards world finals. Gold in the Direct Traded, Chocolate Maker, Growing Country category.

For whom do we think this chocolate is (extra) suitable:

For a tasting – in addition to ‘normal’ chocolates two special fermentation chocolates can be fun (and a good reason to talk about cocoa fermentation)
For those who already know a lot of special chocolates and are curious about more
For a subtle taste of powerful flavors
For those who are not put off by a slightly grainy structure
For those who already know Fu Wan and have already become a fan of these chocolates from Taiwan

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35 gram

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70 %


Fu Wan


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