Fu Wan – Puur 70% – Special Ferment: Armstrong Style


70% pure from cocoa from Taiwan – the controlled fermentation of the cocoa has added brewer’s yeast – Armstrong Ale Style.

Flavor notes: mandarin, fig, beer, almond.

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Special fermentation – with a very nice price. Tht date 27-11-2022. Quality guaranteed.

From the Fu Wan series of chocolates where special yeasts are added during fermentation. In this case with brewer’s yeasts as used for ‘Armstrong Ale’

The fermentation of cocoa largely determines the taste. The cocoa is usually placed in wooden boxes, or in a heap, after which wild yeasts from the area come to it, convert the sugars of the cocoa fruit pulp and influence the taste of the cocoa kernels (cacaonibs). That is the standard way, although there is still a lot of difference in how this is done. Is the cocoa left alone during fermentation or is it stirred one or more times for a more balanced distribution, is it done in wooden boxes or not, is it completely covered (for example with banana leaves) or not. How is the temperature. Etcetera. In order to get a consistent and good quality cocoa, it is important to keep control over the fermentation.

The next step is – as it often happens with other products of fermentation – to add cultured yeasts. As happens a lot with beer. In this case, a yeast was added in the fermentation used in Armstrong Ale. Of course, as always with Fu Wan with cocoa from Ping Tung, Taiwan.

Taste notes described by the makers: mandarin, fig, beer, almond.

Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, yeast.

Allergy note from the makers: May contain traces of nuts, peanuts and shellfish. Content 35 grams.

A beautiful chocolate for a chocolate tasting (less for beginners) – and certainly nice to taste together with the other chocolates from the ‘Special Ferment’ series from Fu Wan – or together with, for example, the Double & Triple Turned from Friis Holm – also chocolates that specifically focus on differences from the fermentation.


Fu Wan

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