Fu Wan – The Great Dionysia – 3 Special Fermentations Set


Nice set with three dark chocolates (70%) from cocoa from Taiwan.

For these three chocolates, the different fermentation determines the taste. During the fermentation, brewer’s yeast (Armstrong Ale Style), red wine yeast and strawberry brewer’s yeast were successively added. For example, three chocolates with three times the same cocoa and three times the same percentage of cocoa have a very different taste profile.

Extremely suitable for a tasting!

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A nice set in which you can taste 3 chocolates from Fu Wan from Taiwan – and not just three chocolates.

They are three dark chocolates with a cocoa percentage of 70% and cocoa from Taiwan. The (very) special thing about it is that the cocoa is fermented very specifically after harvesting. Where cocoa normally has a ‘wild’ fermentation – three different yeasts are now added (a specific brewer’s yeast, red wine yeast and strawberry brewer’s yeast) that ensure that the cocoa develops very different flavors, which you can definitely taste in the chocolate.

Extra special, we can rightly say and very nice if you have already tasted a lot of chocolate and are looking for something even more special. Perfect for (advanced) chocolate tasting, if you want to learn more about how cocoa fermentation works and how the taste of chocolate is created (and how diverse this can be) and also if you just want to try Fu Wan’s award-winning chocolates.

The chocolates have a somewhat grainier/coarsely ground structure than some very finely ground chocolates (to which a lot of cocoa butter may also have been added) from our range. We don’t mind that – it’s a style choice and in our opinion makes the many flavors in the chocolate easier to discover (the late Tibor Szanto also had a characteristic just a bit grainy style of chocolate) – but some people like it better when everything melts easier and you don’t want to encounter a single grain. If you let chocolate melt nicely in your mouth, the difference between very creamy or somewhat grainy is already less – in terms of taste – and only the difference in mouth feel remains. You like that, you don’t like that. Fans of Taza (very rough) will find Fu Wan’s chocolates very ‘not so bad’ – others will say boy, that’s a bit on the coarse side. But they will also say: what a beautiful set of chocolates and what interesting things I taste. At least we hope (and think we do).

What the makers say about the three chocolates in this set:

“70% strawberry brewer’s yeast chocolate
uses Fuwan Chocolate’s unique “yeast fermentation process” to add the craft beer strawberry brewer’s yeast flour to the fresh cocoa beans for low temperature fermentation and go through the “low temperature cellar aging process” after drying. Transforms into intriguing and delicious flavors. The original craftsmanship of Fuwan Chocolate lives up to the title of Chocolate NASA, and once again amazes the world. Taste this chocolate to keep the taste buds clean and sharp, let it melt slowly in the mouth, you will taste light chamomile flowers, delicate citrus milk candies, strawberry berry aroma and soft nut and chocolate bitters.

70% Red Wine Yeast No. 1 chocolate
adopts the original “yeast fermentation method” of Fuwan chocolate, using specially selected wine yeast, put cocoa beans and wild yeast in temperature and humidity controlled fermentation environment to ferment together, then dry and then use the original “low temperature storage “Aging method” waits for the brewing time to fully present the wonderful taste of wine yeast and cocoa beans. Unexpected aromas of hazelnut, almond, cream, toast, berries and more.

70% brewer’s yeast No. 1 coarsely ground chocolate
is made with specially selected brewer’s yeast, put into cocoa beans and wild yeast in a temperature and humidity controlled fermentation environment, and fermented together with wild yeast. , to fully express the special Mediterranean regional fruit flavor of brewer’s yeast, such as citrus fruits, figs and so on.”

A beautiful gift box with three chocolates (3×35 grams) – ingredients: cocoa (70%), sugar.

Particularly suitable for:

Who is already at home in the world of craft chocolate
If you understand that fermentation has a lot of influence on the taste of chocolate – and want to explore this further
For a nice (advanced) tasting – also nice to combine with, for example, the ‘bad fermentation’ and double/triple turned chocolates from Friis Holm.
If you can appreciate the slightly grainy texture
For an extra special gift for the most fanatical chocolate lovers
If you are an adventurous taster


Fu Wan

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