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A milk chocolate, but then very different. Completely sugar-free. 75% cocoa, and 25% milk.

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That milk chocolate normally contains little cocoa is a fact, especially in the supermarket, the percentages usually do not go higher than about 30% and they call 40% already ‘dark milk’ as if it were very pure.

With our chocolate type, the percentages, also for milk chocolate, start around 40% cocoa and there are also milk chocolate with over 50% cocoa that can rightly be called ‘dark milk chocolate’.

You can always go one step further, of course. More cocoa, less sugar. There is the amazing Fruition milk chocolate with 68% cocoa. A little miracle.

Georgia Ramon – just like Zotter – goes a step further and simply leaves all the sugar. Milk naturally also contains some milk sugars, so there is still some sweetness left thanks to the milk. And of course … the creaminess also adds a lot.

This bar therefore contains 75% cocoa, 25% milk. And that’s it.

Both the cocoa and the milk are actually organic. The cocoa comes from ökö caribe, Dominican Republic.

Taste profile as the distributor describes it: fruity aromas, with undertones of red grapes, plums and honey.

We warn that the first tasting will overwhelm the chocolate for most. Very strong taste with a lot of wrangling that makes your jaws contract. But with a second bite that is already less and the creaminess of the milk comes more to the fore. A special taste experience and of course great fun for those who prefer milk chocolate without added sugar. Because even that is possible!

If you want to enjoy sugar free, you should also take a look at the 100% bars.

Ingredients: cocoa mass, milk powder (25%), cocoa butter.

May contain traces of nuts.

Nutritional value per 100 grams: 580 kcal, 51g fat of which 30 are saturated. 15 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of sugar, 18 grams of protein, 0.23 grams of salt.

Nb. the sugar in the nutritional value is therefore entirely derived from cocoa and milk.

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Dieet of Levenswijze

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50 grams

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Georgia Ramon

2 reviews for Georgia Ramon – Shadow milk – 75% sugar-free milk chocolate

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    Het eerste hapje: overweldigende smaak, even wennen… Het tweede hapje: hmm, lekker en ik proef nu meer zachtheid. En het derde hapje? Die doet verlangen naar een vierde hap!

  2. English

    Juul Slits

    Voor een flink pure melk heb ik liever die van Zotter (80% of beter nog 70%). Deze schaduwmelk, zoals hij prachtig heet, is mij iets te knapperig, te hard. Zou wellicht ook te maken kunnen hebben met de temperatuur, maar toch ga ik terug naar favoriet Zotter.

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