Heinde & Verre – Dutch Original – Dark 71%


Dutch Originals – Blend of cocoa from Peru, Bali & Dominican Republic.

The result is a pleasant harmony of flavors, from nutty to slightly fruity to flavors towards slightly grassy and banana. In short, a lot to taste and worth sitting down for – although you can also just munch it all in one sitting ofcourse.

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The bean to bar chocolate makers from Rotterdam from Heinde & Verre work as true professionals, using the different techniques they have as chocolate makers to transfer the most beautiful or interesting flavors from the cocoa into the chocolate. From roasting at different temperatures to maturing the chocolate.

They also use another beautiful ‘technique’ that is not very common in the world of the smaller bean to bar makers, specifically in the ‘Dutch Original’ series: blending.

Blending or mixing different cocoa varieties from different origins. It has sometimes acquired a somewhat negative connotation. That is because the large factories that supply the supermarkets mainly use it to throw together cheap anonymous moderate cocoa, after which anonymous mass / bulk chocolate is created. However, blending a good chocolate maker (which can also be a larger chocolate factory of course) that uses good cocoa has nothing to do with that: it is actually an art.

It’s nice that many people are starting to discover that chocolate tastes so different depending on the origin and the fermentation and drying of the cocoa (and the influence of the weather during a certain harvest year, etc) but we are very much in favor of the art of also keep blending in honor. As long as you use good cocoa & pay a fair price there is nothing to do with it – on the contrary – sometimes pearls can arise that are perfectly balanced and leave you stunned and still after tasting. We are certainly thinking of Soma’s Abstract Chocolate Science, which is simply very good one year and phenomenal and almost unsurpassed the next.

Well, blend. That’s what the gentlemen of Heeinde & Verre do here too. In the ‘Dutch Original’ series, in which they go back to the cocoa & chocolate history of yesteryear. It is also nice that the Dutch Originals are deliberately priced extra friendly, in order to hopefully win more people for good chocolate. We are very much for. It is best to pay more for good chocolate

Description of the makers: “The traditional Dutch chocolate tradition is known for the art of blending premium cocoa. We have created a harmonious blend of certified organic cocoa from Latin America, the Caribbean and Indonesia. This ensures a bar with a generous, layered and lingering flavor.”

Taste description from the makers: “Warm balanced mix of nuts, flowers and herbs. Pleasant bite, the melt is just right and a long chocolatey finish with a hint of coffee.”

The cocoa used comes from: Peru (Ucayali), Dominican Republic (Öko Caribe) and Bali (Kerta Semaya Samaniya Farmers)

The cocoa used is organic, but the chocolate itself is not certified organic.

Ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter (total 71%), sugar, sunflower lecithin.

The sugar used is Dutch beet sugar.

Content: 70 grams (2×35 grams).

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Heinde & Verre

Mooie naam voor een mooi bedrijf. Craft chocolademakers uit Rotterdam.Jan-Willem & Ewald maken daar sinds een aantal jaar kleinschalig chocolades. Dat doen ze merkbaar met veel zorg en aandacht. En dat vonden we al langer heel mooi om te zien en proeven.Je merkt dat bij Heinde & Verre er veel aan gedaan wordt om bijzondere smaaktonen uit de cacao te halen. Met aandacht voor het branden, blenden van origines, het laten rusten / rijpen van de chocolade voor meer smaakontwikkeling. Ook merk je de aandacht in bijvoorbeeld de melkchocolades. Er wordt niet zomaar willekeurige melkpoeder toegevoegd maar met serieuze blik geproefd en gekeurd en gemengd totdat ze, zo stellen we ons dat voor, een grote glimlach verschijnt, ze elkaar op de schouders kloppen, en zeggen: niets meer aan doen.
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