Soma Stratus Ice wine lees 70%


Soma Ecuador 70 aged with Stratus ice wine lees

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The Canadian chocolate makers of Soma are creative chocolate fanatics. They make – as far as we are concerned – chocolates that belong to the world top. And those are not all chocolates that can only be ‘grasped’ by chocolate fanatics who have already tasted hundreds or thousands of chocolates. Soma also leads the way in creating chocolates that are really different, perhaps unique, and that everyone from novice chocolate lover to chocolate expert will understand. The Old School chocolates are a fine example of chocolates that everyone will understand how special they are. The roasted white chocolate also belongs in that list or their Mango Chili chocolate.

We ourselves are especially happy with excellent origine chocolates. Chocolate in which you taste the origin, and get a very long and changing taste experience from a small piece of chocolate. Soma can also do this excellently, more than excellent.

This bar is slightly different again. We have to say something a little differently. The intention of Soma was actually to ripen the chocolate on oak. Together with befriended winemakers from the Stratus vineyards, they decided to do something different with this chocolate. It was decided to add an oak barrel in which the lees was still present (residue of grape skin and fermentation of wine making) and the roasted cocoa. The whole was mixed and has been matured / matured for three months. This created a beautiful whole, the Stratus chocolate.

A chocolate in which you can taste the subtle taste of the Stratus wine – the maturation in the barrels filled with dregs certainly gives a very special flavor to the chocolate.

Tasting notes from the makers: grapes, wild honey, black currant, walnut, honeysuckle, blue cheese.

Origin: Stratus Vineyards, Niagara-On-the-Lake, Canada.

Cocoa from Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

Ingredients: cacao nibs, cane sugar, dregs from Riesling ice wine.

(Batch 18)

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Soma - Chocolademakers uit Canada. En niet de minsten, integendeel. Wat ons betreft een van de beste chocolademakers ter wereld. We genieten elke keer opnieuw van hun creaties.


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