15 December 2020 Buying chocolate during lockdown

Buying chocolate during lockdown

It was a bit of a shock to hear it on TV yesterday: a lockdown until mid-January. Painful for many, heavy even after a tough year for many people. We understand the point of taking real major action now, and it is probably better than slowly but surely chugging along in the wrong direction. But it remains sour.

For us it is fortunate that we are particularly well found in our web store, and that we have been putting in and getting the most energy out of it since we started five years ago. That is why not much will change for our chocolate company. The post office within walking distance is closed, but we love cycling, so we cycle with our panniers (and backpack, and a bag) full of packages to the Spar a village away.

We will continue to do our utmost to bring more people into contact with good chocolate. We remain proud of all the great reactions we receive. We are happy to continue to make nice selections for chocolate gift packages and of course the subscriptions.

Chocolate is a beautiful gift. Below some more information about ordering via the webshop, ordering for your company / employees and not to forget: other sellers who, like us, are committed to good chocolate. The physical chocolate shops are usually open as usual (of course with applicable standards) – so chocolate is food. Of course we would like to ask you to avoid crowds there as well, and to order online if possible.

Our measures as Chocolate Vendors

Of course we are temporarily not selling chocolates at Ieder Z’n Vak in the Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen.

But we are lucky that we already sell most of it through the webshop and that part remains unchanged. To limit contact, we still do not offer pick-up and bicycle delivery. We send via postnl, which are of course very busy so we also keep asking for extra patience when you order something.

In conclusion:

  • Ordering via the webshop remains possible as before.
  • Buying at Ieder Z’n Vak is currently not possible

Chocolates delivered as a gift

We notice that there are a lot of orders for gifts at the moment – that is of course always the case in December.

For convenience, the possibilities and impossibilities at a glance:

  • We can send your order directly to the lucky recipient. We can supply a card with a text. Write your request in the comments box. Do not forget your name, because we will of course not include the invoice.
  • We send in standard cardboard (letterbox) boxes with cardboard filling material and paper tape. We cannot provide gift wrapping.
  • Most chocolate bar orders fit through the letterbox, they are quite large boxes. For orders outside of the Netherlands we use a package service.
  • You will receive a track-trace code after sending.
  • We do not ship daily and the post is also very busy. So really keep in mind that it takes a while before the chocolate is there. It is also possible that the Trackntrace information is incorrect because of this. Letterbox deliveries then indicate delivered but just arrive a day – or two – later.

Choose a nice selection yourself or opt for a ready-made package. Order chocolate.

Chocolate as a gift for your company / employees / organization

We receive requests from companies and organizations more often. Of course it is nice to give special chocolate as a present. We like to work to promote good and fair chocolate, so we always like to think along.

What we can and cannot do in short:

  • We can deliver to one address or several addresses. You can also supply address details for larger orders via an XLS / CSV
  • We can send cards with your own text printed on them
  • You have come to the right place if you are looking for quality, special and fair chocolate from small makers. Something special that people don’t know yet,
  • You are not in the right place if you are looking for cheap, cheaper cheapest and the proverbial ‘dime in the first rank’.
  • We cannot deliver printed or otherwise personalized chocolates.
  • Delivery times depend on the wishes. We cannot deliver on a specific day, but we can ensure that something is available before a specific date. Of course we can also put something on the box like ‘do not open before

Send us an email with your wishes, and we will answer the possibilities!

Other sellers of good chocolate

We only see the supermarket shelves as the main competitor. Anyone who looks outside the supermarkets for special chocolate is a won soul. Anyone who – with love – sells good chocolate from the smaller chocolate makers automatically deserves our praise. Whether you call it bean to bar or craft chocolate doesn’t really matter to us.

That is why we also like to share some other places where you can go, from other small entrepreneurs who are also involved in good chocolate. Because you can eat chocolate (gosh), the physical stores usually remain open as well, of course pay attention to applicable restrictions and opening hours and especially do not queue together in the days before Christmas. They also usually offer online ordering options so if you

Cacaolab – Founded by Sabien & Pauline. Have been committed to good chocolate and chocolate education from Zaandam for a long time. Will unfortunately stop soon. You can help draw up the current stock via the webshop. You help yourself to good chocolate and the people at Cacaolab help you with it too. So highly recommended.

Florentina – From the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. Bean to bar chocolates, chocolate drinks and homemade (vegan) bonbons. It is also nice to have a look on instagram, it cannot but that with all those delicacies you get in the mood for good chocolate.

The Chocolate Shop – based in The Hague in a special (sustainable) building, Ray & Sanna have also been committed to good chocolate for a long time. With a nice assortment, good coffee and other drinks, not to mention: chocolate tastings.

There are more beautiful places, we also think of Cacaomuseum, van Roselen and Chocolatl in Amsterdam. But there is still quite a bit to be found elsewhere. Searching for bean to bar or craft chocolate yields nice mentions. Also a number of makers from whom you can order directly, such as Chocolatemakers and Krak.

Of course we also like it when you place an order with us – we are also just two small entrepreneurs, who have been trying to spread our chocolate love since 2014 from Beek near Nijmegen. And well, you’re already on our site so we don’t need to mention or tell ourselves more as Chocolate Sellers. If you want to know more, you can look at the About Us page. And if you have any questions, you can always send an email of course.

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