7 July 2017 Winners – International Chocolate Awards Americas

Winners – International Chocolate Awards Americas

americas international chocolate awards prijswinnende chocoladeAlways a nice moment: the outcome of one of the chocolate competitions. Time for lists!

There are two larger judged events featuring the best chocolates in the world: the International Chocolate Awards and the Academy of Chocolate.

For the International Chocolate Awards, there is a whole system of preliminary, national, regional and finally world-wide rounds. For the European semifinal, chocolateseller Paul has recently attended the jury – later on more about that. The outcome of the Americas competion is now known.

Because some of the bars from our assortment are honored here, we would like to give a brief overview.

Please note: the judging is done professionally but such a result does not really tell you all.Do not always follow it blindly. The jury is very extensive and exhausting, there are people who have been doing chocolate tasting for twenty years & there are over 50 different chocolates a day, each tasted with a lot of attention. But tasting always remains (partly) subjective, and thus such a result remains the opinion of a group of people. It’s a nice and interesting list for us and not really that much more.

Also read about the finals last years in Amsterdam in which we also both judged.

Winning Chocolates

Here is the whole list of winners.

A couple winners from our assortment (clickable):

cacaosuyo piura nibs fenomenale chocolade uit peru
Cacaosuyo Dark Nibs – Gold (Dark with Inclusions)


pure chocolade uit ecuador direct trade glutenvrij veganistisch antioxidanten sojavrij luxe biologisch
Pacari Los Rios – Silver (Dark Chocolate)


pacari raw 100% demeter biologisch
Pacari 100% Raw – Gold (85%+ Dark Chocolate)


Fruition Dark Milk – Silver (Dark Milk)


amma cupacu theobroma grandiflorum
Amma Cupacu – Silver (Dark with Flavoring)


pacari quemazon single region chocolate awards
Pacari Piura – Silver (Dark)


Pacari Lemon Verbena- Silver (Dark with flavoring)
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